Welcome to New Libri Press.

We are a micro press, which means we only publish a limited number of titles per year. As of January 1, 2018 we are adopting the HYBRID publishing model.

For publishing, the definition of hybrid remains fluid and can mean different things to different people. New Libri’s current model is characterized in the following way:

  • The upfront financial risk is born by the author, very similar to the self-published model.
  • We only accept books we feel have merit (i.e. the list of books is curated), very similar to a traditional publisher.
  • All books published go through an editorial review, very similar to a traditional publisher.
  • All significant editing costs are born by the author, very similar to self-published model.
  • Most of the revenue goes to the author, very similar to self-publishing.
  • PR/Marketing can be coordinated by New Libri, but author bears the costs (very hybrid).
  • Artwork is professionally done (traditional), but costs are born by author (self-publish).
  • Author owns all edits, artwork, etc. and can leave New Libri at any time, similar to self-published.

New Libir works with Ingram Publishing Services and in particular Lightning Source. This is the primary means of distribution and printing. Ingram is one of the largest distributors in the world and the printing services are used by both small and giant publishers.

To learn more, got to our submissions page, or pricing page.